Thank you to first sponsors for “Walking Together” – Horses and Heroes. These are By the Hounds Farm and the Scwartz Family, Millbrook Bank, Catherine Coluzzi, Robert Jacob Jr, Sel Photography, Laura Spilhaus Acupuncture, Red Hook Golf Club, Merrit Book Store, Twin Brook Gardens, Wonderland Forest, Staats Transport, Aubrey Horse Farm, Jamie Manning Restoration, Rondack Construction, Equine Emergency Transport, Suzanne McGovern and Evie Constantino and Royal Carting. Thank you so much for your support to this great program.

Change in Sunday schedule

We will start with the poles and then followed by the leadline and then the short stirrup. Looking forward to a wonderful day!!!!!!

We are accepting last minute silent auction items for “Walking Together” – Horses and Heroes. All proceeds go directly to the program. Please contact us,  if you would like to be apart of the silent auction and help out with this great program!!!!!

MLC Farm Jumper Horse Show – June 14

Looking forward to our horse show this Sunday, June 14 to help benefit “Walking Together” – Horses and Heroes.Offering over $1200 in prize money. Come and enjoy a family filled day with a fun day of horse jumping. Offering classes for the beginner level and up to the advanced level. Silent auction will open Saturday night and stay open till 2pm on Sunday. All proceeds of the silent auction go directly to “Walking Together” – Horses and Heroes.

April 19 Jumper horse show added

Come and enjoy us jump into spring. On April 19, MLC Farm will host a jumper horse show at the farm. Classes will start with poles, crossrails, 2’0 jumpers and move up in height throughout the day. Enjoy a relaxed and fun day.


2015 MLC Farm Home Shows



June 14 HVHJA Jumper Horse Show – AIR Jumping Member Series Event – Poles, Cross Rails  to 3’6

September 19 Equine Rescue Charity Horse Show – Hunter Derby (Poles, Cross Rails – 3’6)

September 20 Equine Rescue Charity Horse Shw – Jumper Horse Show (Poles, Cross Rails – 3’6) – AIR Jumping Series Event

December 13 MLC Farm Jumper Show – (Poles, Cross Rails – 3’6)


2015 MLC Farm Home Shows

We are excited to announce our home show dates for this year.

June 14 MLC Farm Jumper Horse Show (Poles, Cross Rails – 3’6) AIR Jumping Member Event.

September 19 Equine Rescue Charity Horse Show  – Hunter Derby (Poles – Cross Rails -3’6)

September 20 Equine Rescue Charity Horse Show  – Jumper Show (Cross Rails – 3’6)AIR Event

December 13 – Jumper Horse Show (Poles – Crossrails – 3’6)

Silent Auction to benefit Equine Rescue at MLC Farm (By the Hounds Farm)

Looking for more items to join our amazing list of sponsors. We thank this years silent auction sponsors!!

Come and join on us at our Silent Auction on September 20,21 and enjoy a full day of horse show jumping both days. The silent auction will remain open through out both days. We would like to thank this years sponsors: Tickets to American Symphony Orchestra at Bard College, Devoucoux products, 2015 Hampton Classic VIP tickets, Horse Drawn Carriage Rides to Weathersfield, Monet Hand Bag, Montgomery Gentry tickets, Sipperly’s Wine Basket and Laura Spilhaus Accupressure session. All money collected for the Silent Auction goes directly to Equine Rescue. Even if you are not showing, come and enjoy a family  fun day in beautiful Millbrook, NY. Please go to to see more information for the horse show.  Pleaes reach out and become apart of a great community event. If you do not have a item for the auction please come out and support the horse show or drop off a donation to the Equine Rescue. Please help make a difference to these starving and abused animals. Equine Rescue operates by donations only and receives no govermental help. Please be someone who makes a difference. For for information go to Equine or contact me at Thank you for making a differnce.

Height change for Hunter Derby’s

MLC Farm Charity Horse Show will be have three fence heights. On Sunday, Hunter Derby Day, their will be three fence heights. We will begin with the 2’0 height with options of 2’3, then the 2’6 height, with 2’9 options, then the 3’0 derby with 3’6 options. Hope to see there for a great day of horse showing.Over $1000 in prize money. The silent auction will remain open throughout Sunday.