September 18 Equitation Jumper Fall Classic Time Schedule

September 18 Equitation/Jumper Time Schedule
Ring 1 – Indoor Ring
Start time: 8:00am
7:00 – 7:45 Schooling for Pre Beginner

Pre Beginner and Novice Rider Open to Adults and Children

1. Pre Beginner Equitation Poles
2. Pre Beginner Pleasure Poles
3. Pre Beginner Walk/Trot Equitation
4. Pre Beginner Walk/Trot Pleasure
5. Beginner Rider Walk/Trot/Canter Equitation
6. Beginner Rider Walk/Trot/Canter Pleasure
7. Beginner Rider Cross Rails Equitation
8. Beginner Rider Cross Rails Pleasure

Ring 2 – Outdoor Ring
Not before 9:30
Ring is open at 8:00am till outdoor starts
Hack Only

9. 3’3-3’6 Jumpers – Power and Speed
10. 3’3-3’6 Jumpers – Speed
501 $250 Jumper Classic. Table II.2AB
11. Leadline – Walk
12. Leadline – Walk/Trot (Judged)
13. Novice Rider Equitation Walk/Trot/Canter
14. Novice Rider Pleasure Walk/Trot/Canter
15. Novice Rider 18″ Equitation
16. Novice Rider 18″Equitation
17. Novice Rider 18″Jumper – Optimum Time
18. Novice Rider 18″Jumper – Optimum Time

Not before 11:00

19. 2’0-2’3 Jumpers – Power and Speed
20. 2’0-2’3 Jumpers – Speed
601 $500 Hampton Jumper Classic – Table II.AB
21 2’6 Jumpers – Power and Speed
22 2’6 Jumpers – Speed
701 $500 Equine Rescue Gamblers Choice
**901 (corrected class number) $5 Ride a buck
23 2’9-3’0 Jumpers – Power and Speed
24 2’9 – 3’0 Jumpers – Speed
801 $500 2’9-3’0 Gamblers Choice
**902 (corrected class number) $5 Ride a buck

September 17 Hunter Derby Time Schedule

Hunter Derby Schedule
Saturday September 17

7.45-8.15 Hacking only

8.30am – Start
Class 101 Unjudged Warm-up Hunter 2’0

Class 201 $500 Hunter Derby
Course: 2’0 with 2’3 options

Not before 9:30 am

Class 301 Pleasure – Walk,Trot and Canter
Class 302 Pleasure – Walk, Trot and Canter
Class 303 Pleasure – Bridle Path Hack

Ring Drag/Water

Not before 10:00 am

Class 102 Unjudged Warm-up 2’6

Class 202 $500 Anita Hunter Derby
Course: 2’6 with 2’9 Options

Ring Drag/Water

Not before 12:00 pm

Class 103 Unjudged Warm-up 3’0
Class 203 $500 3’0 Hunter Derby
Course: 3’0 with 3’6 Options

Pony camp July 25-29

Group with ellie paintedOnly two spots left in this week. This will be our last camp for this year.

Sunday June 12 Jumper/Equitation/Hunter Tentative Schedule

MLC Farm Spring Horse Show At By The Hounds Farm

(Member – PHA)

Start Time: 8:30 am – indoor

10 minute Schooling before each division

Class fee: $30 per class $40 for speed incentive

Pre Beginner/Beginner/Novice Divisions Open to Child and Adults

Class 1 Pre Beginner Equitation w/t

Class 2 Pre Beginner Pleasure w/t

Class 3 Pre Beginner Poles

Class 4 Pre Beginner Poles

Class 5 Leadline Walk $15)

Class 6 Leadline Walk/Trot ($15)

Class 7 Beginner Rider Walk, Trot, Canter Equitation

Class 8 Beginner Rider Walk, Trot, Canter Pleasure

Class 9 Beginner Rider Cross Rails Equitation

Class 10 Beginner Rider Cross Rails Jumper

Class 11 Novice Rider 18” – 2’0 Jumper

Class 12 Novice Rider 18”-2’0 Jumper

Class 13 Novice Rider 18”-2’0 Equitation

Class 14 Novice Rider 18″ – 2’0 Equitation

Class 15 Novice Rider Flat W/T/C

Jumpers – Not before 10:00am – outdoor

All speed classes may be entered and do not have to be apart of the incentive program

Class 16 3’0-3’3 Jumpers Power and Speed

Class 17 3’0-3’3 Jumpers Speed (Incentive Class)*

Class 201 $250 3’0-3’6 Jumper Classic (Table II, a or b)

Class 18  3’6 Jumpers Power and Speed

Class 19 3’6 Jumper Speed (Incentive Class)*

Class 202 $250 3’0 – 3’3 Jumper Classic (Table II, a or b)


Class 20 2’0-2’3 Jumpers Power and Speed

Class 21 2’0-2’3 Jumpers Speed (Incentive Class) *

Class 203 2’0 – 2’3 $250 Jumper Classic (Table II, a or b)

Class 22 2’6 Jumpers Power and Speed

Class 23 2’6 Jumpers Speed (Incentive Class)*

Class 204 2’6 $250 Jumper Classic (Table II, a or b)

Class 24 2’9 Jumpers Power and Speed

Class 25 2’9 Jumpers Speed (Incentive Class)*

Class 205 2’9 Jumper Classic (Table II, a or b)


* Incentive Class – At MLC Farm Horse Shows, a speed class is designated as the incentive Class. Year end highpoint rider, in each division, will be awarded

the total of the incentive fund for that division. If you ride more then one horse at the show, your highest point per division will count. Not both.

Classics: Fewer then 5 riders, class will run as a sweepstake.

MLC Farm at By The Hounds Farm – Saturday June 10 Hunter Derby – new classes offered

High hunter over barrelsCome and join us for a spectacular weekend on June 10 and 11. On Saturday a Hunter Derby (4 Classes) will be held with fence heights starting a 2’0 and moving up to 3’0 throughout the day. New this year – A second 2’6 “Hunt Derby” will be added to the schedule. Only members of a Hunt are allowed to show in this derby. Points will not be taken off for trotting or counter canter. The person with the highest overall  score, from both  2’6 derbies,  will be awarded the “Billy Leitch Memorial Trophy”. Also added to the schedule this year will be a pleasure division which will be held between the 2’0 Derby and 2’6 Derby. These classes will count for end of the year –  MLC Farm horse show high  point pleasure rider award.

MLC Farm Spring Horse Show -Update

Although the weather looks to be in the higher 60’s this weekend, the horse show will still be held in the indoor. The outdoor will be open to ride and warm up over fences. A 10 minute schooling break will be offered before each division in the indoor. A third class in the division will also be available for those interested.

MLC Farm Spring Horse Show

Sunday – April 17. Jump into Spring with a low stress horse show. 10 Minute schooling before each division. Great show for beginner and novice riders or for riders who want to polish up their horses for the Spring. Morning starts at 8:30am  with classes for children and adults. Offering classes from poles, leadline, cross rails to 2’0. Poles and Crossrails are offered to Children and Adults. Followed by five jumper divisions. Starting at 2’0/2’3 – 3’6. PHA rated. Pending weather – Indoor or Outdoor.whole ring

Dressage Exhibition

Come and enjoy us for a evening under the stars from 6pm-8pm. We will be having a dressage demonstration with Queba and Allison Kavey. Also- check out all of our great items in the Silent Auction.