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Hurrican Sandy Relief

I wanted to give you a update about the coat and food drive today at MLC Farm. I am in total
amazement of the overwhelming community support we received today. As of tonight, we collected
over 100 (black 30 gallon garbage bags) bags and storage boxes of requested items. Along with several gallons and cases of water and
3 boxes of non perishable foods and dog and cat food.

With the help from friends and family of MLC Farm and the Crosswinds Equestrian Center and the Vassar and Marist Equestrian Teams, we separated all the items and loaded them up into 5 vehicles. These vehicles, left the farm tonight and  transported all the items over to New Paltz. We connected with a representative of the Long Beach Area and have made arrangements for all the items to be transported Monday morning.

Thank you and all the people who dropped off items all day. The first drop off started Saturday morning at 6.30am and continued till 5pm tonight. On behalf of the residents of Long Beach, I want to thank everyone who helped out this weekend. Based on the appreciation when items were dropped off, I know we have helped many people this week.

Thanks for all the community support!!

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