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Why this horse show started…”In Memory of Anita”

“In Memory of Anita” MLC Farm hosts a annual horse show to keep her memory of her love for the Equine Rescue. With the help of donations and the silent auction at the horse show, money is collected to help in providing emergency money to be used for the daily care necessities (grain, hay, vet, farrier, medications, supplements, etc) for the abused/neglected/abandoned horses that come into Equine Rescue Inc or help with immediate repairs to the barn in which they are housed. Many of these cases directly result from law enforcement cases requiring critical care. Once these horses enter the Equine Rescue, they are placed into their rescue network which means these horses are guaranteed either a life at the Rescue or a life with a loving adoptive family checked out and approved by the Rescue. The adoptive family signs a binding contract so in the future they find they can no longer care for the horse, the animal must be returned to the Rescue. This is what protects the horse from ending up in a bad place such as being dumped at the auctions and/or eventually dumped in the kill pen. These horses are protected and will be taken care of for the rest of their lives. This was Anita‚Äôs passion. In honor of this incredible human being who left much too soon!

Tax deductible donations can me made to the Equine Rescue or other donations can be made directly to MLC Farm Charity Horse Show..

Equine Rescue Inc. has served the horse population of the Hudson Valley since 1996. It is a tax exempt, non-profit state-certified agency and raises all of its operating expenses from private donations. Equine Rescue receives no state or federal funding. All donations are tax-deductible.

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