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MLC Farm Charity Horse Show September 21 and 22 2013

On Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22, 2013, MLC Farm at By the Hounds will be hosting its sixth annual Charity Horse Show to benefit Equine Rescue a   501 (c)3 charity.  $2000 in prize money will be offered during the two days of competition.  On Saturday, the morning will start at 8 am with Short Stirrup, Leadline and a $250 Pleasure Classic. Jumpers will follow and will begin with the 2’3, 2’6-2’9, 3’0-3’3 and finish with the 3’6 division. A $250 Classic will be offered in all the Jumper divisions with a $500 Equine Rescue Classic for the 3’6 division.  Sunday’s competition will begin at 9 am and will feature a $250 2’3 Hunter Derby and a $250 3’0 Hunter Derby. Prior to each Derby an unjudged warm-up class will be  offered. Winners of all the $250 Classic will win a Smith Worthington Bridle donated by Manning Restoration. The winner of the $500 Equine Rescue Classic will win a bridle and a sheet donated by Dolly’s Tack Shop.

A silent auction and raffle will begin Saturday and will continue throughout Sunday. Highest bidders do not need to be present to win. All proceeds from the auction will go directly to Equine Rescue 501(c)3.  If you would like further information,  please call MLC Farm at (845)677-5232.

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