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Horse Show Update

Sunday Horse Show will start at 11:00

Leadline at 12:00

Jumpers Start Time: Not before 12.30

December 11 MLC Farm Winter Horse Show at By the Hounds

MLC Farm Winter Horse Show
At By The Hounds Farm
December 11 – Start Time: 10.00am
(Member – PHA) – Class Fee: $25
10 minute Schooling before each division

Pre Beginner/Beginner/Novice Divisions Open to Children and Adults
Class 1 Pre Beginner Equitation w/t
Class 2 Pre Beginner Pleasure w/t
Class 3 Pre Beginner Poles
Class 4 Pre Beginner Poles

Class 7 Beginner Rider Walk and Trot
Class 8 Beginner Rider Walk, Trot, Canter Equitation
Class 9 Beginner Rider Walk, Trot, Canter Pleasure
Class 10 Beginner Rider Cross Rails Equitation
Class 11 Beginner Rider Cross Rails Jumper
Class 12 Novice Rider 18” – 2’0 Jumper
Class 13 Novice Rider 18”-2’0 Jumper
Class 14 Novice Rider 18”-2’0 Equitation
Class 15 Novice Rider 18″ – 2’0 Equitation
Class 16 Novice Rider Flat W/T/C
Class 5 Leadline Walk ($15) Will be at 12.00
Class 6 Leadline Walk/Trot Judged ($15) Will be at 12.00

Jumpers – Not before 12.30
Class 20 2’0-2’3 Jumpers Power and Speed
Class 21 2’0-2’3 Jumpers Speed
Class 22 2’0-2’3 Jumpers Speed
Class 23 2’6 Jumpers Power and Speed
Class 24 2’6 Jumpers Speed
Class 25 2’6 Jumpers Speed
Class 26 2’9/3’0 Jumpers Power and Speed
Class 27 2’9/3’0 Jumpers Speed
Class 28 2’9/3’0 Jumpers Speed
Class 29 3’6 Jumpers Power and Speed
Class 30 3’6 Jumpers Speed whole ring

September 18 Equitation Jumper Fall Classic Time Schedule

September 18 Equitation/Jumper Time Schedule
Ring 1 – Indoor Ring
Start time: 8:00am
7:00 – 7:45 Schooling for Pre Beginner

Pre Beginner and Novice Rider Open to Adults and Children

1. Pre Beginner Equitation Poles
2. Pre Beginner Pleasure Poles
3. Pre Beginner Walk/Trot Equitation
4. Pre Beginner Walk/Trot Pleasure
5. Beginner Rider Walk/Trot/Canter Equitation
6. Beginner Rider Walk/Trot/Canter Pleasure
7. Beginner Rider Cross Rails Equitation
8. Beginner Rider Cross Rails Pleasure

Ring 2 – Outdoor Ring
Not before 9:30
Ring is open at 8:00am till outdoor starts
Hack Only

9. 3’3-3’6 Jumpers – Power and Speed
10. 3’3-3’6 Jumpers – Speed
501 $250 Jumper Classic. Table II.2AB
11. Leadline – Walk
12. Leadline – Walk/Trot (Judged)
13. Novice Rider Equitation Walk/Trot/Canter
14. Novice Rider Pleasure Walk/Trot/Canter
15. Novice Rider 18″ Equitation
16. Novice Rider 18″Equitation
17. Novice Rider 18″Jumper – Optimum Time
18. Novice Rider 18″Jumper – Optimum Time

Not before 11:00

19. 2’0-2’3 Jumpers – Power and Speed
20. 2’0-2’3 Jumpers – Speed
601 $500 Hampton Jumper Classic – Table II.AB
21 2’6 Jumpers – Power and Speed
22 2’6 Jumpers – Speed
701 $500 Equine Rescue Gamblers Choice
**901 (corrected class number) $5 Ride a buck
23 2’9-3’0 Jumpers – Power and Speed
24 2’9 – 3’0 Jumpers – Speed
801 $500 2’9-3’0 Gamblers Choice
**902 (corrected class number) $5 Ride a buck

September 17 Hunter Derby Time Schedule

Hunter Derby Schedule
Saturday September 17

7.45-8.15 Hacking only

8.30am – Start
Class 101 Unjudged Warm-up Hunter 2’0

Class 201 $500 Hunter Derby
Course: 2’0 with 2’3 options

Not before 9:30 am

Class 301 Pleasure – Walk,Trot and Canter
Class 302 Pleasure – Walk, Trot and Canter
Class 303 Pleasure – Bridle Path Hack

Ring Drag/Water

Not before 10:00 am

Class 102 Unjudged Warm-up 2’6

Class 202 $500 Anita Hunter Derby
Course: 2’6 with 2’9 Options

Ring Drag/Water

Not before 12:00 pm

Class 103 Unjudged Warm-up 3’0
Class 203 $500 3’0 Hunter Derby
Course: 3’0 with 3’6 Options

2016 MLC Farm at by the hounds Fall Classic – September 17 and 18 to benefit Equine Rescue

Fall Classic: September 17 and 18 2016. Looking forward to seeing you all at the Fall Classic to benefit Equine Rescue! Hunter Derby and pleasure divisions on Saturday and Equitation/Jumpers on Sunday. Great Prize Money and Prizes.!

Update for Sunday Jumpers.

Jumpers not to start before 11.30am

Last minute silent auction items. Come and check out all the great items!!!

Last minute Silent Auction items coming in: Signed practice back pack Martin guitar signed by Jakob Dillon. Signed book by Annie Leibovitz. Signed by author of Water for Elephants and drinks at the legendary players club in NYC. Derby Day start at 8:30 tomorrow and Jumper Day will start at 8:30 on Sunday. Come check out all of our great items in the silent auction. Casual cocktail party 6-8pm on Saturday. We will have a great dressage demonstration by Allison Kavey as we watch the sunset over our fabulous view of Millbrook. Come and support the Equine Rescue. All proceeds from this silent auction go directly to helping these starved and abused animals. I thank you for your continued community support!!!

Silent Auction

Check out all of our great silent auction items on our sponsorship page!

September 19 and 20 Fall Classic

Looking forward to our September 19 and 20 horse show at MLC Farm at By the Hounds Farm to benefit EQUINE RESCUE INC.. I would like to thank all of our pre show sponsors who have given items to the silent auction. Thank you – Green Valley Tack, Grand Meadows, Williams Lumber, Wethersfield, Samuel’s Sweet Shop, Alps Sweet Shop, The Hampton Classic Horse Show, SEL photography, Spilhaus Acupressure treatments, Arbonnie Baskets, Horse Lover Z and Bard College Performing Arts….. looking forward for more to come. If you would like to be a sponsor for the horse show or donate a item to the Silent Auction, please PM or leave a message at


Thank you to first sponsors for “Walking Together” – Horses and Heroes. These are By the Hounds Farm and the Scwartz Family, Millbrook Bank, Catherine Coluzzi, Robert Jacob Jr, Sel Photography, Laura Spilhaus Acupuncture, Red Hook Golf Club, Merrit Book Store, Twin Brook Gardens, Wonderland Forest, Staats Transport, Aubrey Horse Farm, Jamie Manning Restoration, Rondack Construction, Equine Emergency Transport, Suzanne McGovern and Evie Constantino and Royal Carting. Thank you so much for your support to this great program.